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The Law Office of Casey W. Stevens
2500 Northwinds Pkwy #330, Alpharetta, GA

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Mike Ashworth
​                     2 weeks ago
Casey Stevens certainly won us over in the world of attorneys. Beyond being a great person to work with, he and his team are professional, patient and respectful. Casey spends generous time communicating and setting realistic expectations. We appreciate his guidance and recommend his firm wholeheartedly!

D smooth
                          3 months ago
Mr.Casey has done three cases for my family and now working on another I highly recommend that you hire him as your lawyer 

Luz Suarez
                      8 months ago
After my car accident I did not know what to do, my friend recommended Casey's office to assist me with my case, they explained all the process, during the open case time they called me to give me updates on my case and the following steps; Jennifer and Celeste are the best... cordial, compassionate and kind with you and your circumstances . Casey is a wonderful and unique human being who will understand you and his expertise will gives you a peace of mind that you are in good hands...I love them...made my life easier. 100% recommend them.

Luz Adriana

Te'a Metro
                          8 months ago
Casey and Jennifer are truly amazing. They always kept me informed and anytime I had a question they were very patient and always returned my calls promptly. He is truly the Top Injury lawyer in entire North Fulton.

Tammi Moore
                      a year ago
My elderly father was injured as a pedestrian in the city of Atlanta. As with any decision there is always a risk. However, we most definitely took a risk hiring an attorney we did not know to represent my father who had to have mandatory surgery and rehab, but retaining Casey Stevens was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we have ever made as a family. We will forever be grateful for the smooth process, constant communication and the simple fact we felt we were respected and treated like their family. Every hand that touched our case were professional, extremely courteous and prompt with any question we had. Casey and his team were truly a Godsend to us. I cannot say enough. From Casey's first visit to see my dad at the hospital to the final day we met as the case favorably closed, Casey was exceptional in his dealings in every way.

                          8 months ago
The driver that hit my car had Geico Insurance and they were terrible to deal with. I reached out to Casey for assistance because I was not getting anywhere with them. He was efficient and thorough in getting my case settled for both my injuries and my totaled vehicle.

maria watkins
                          a year ago
I was in a car wreck back in June of 2015. A distracted driver ran the red light and rammed into my car. I was frightened, confused and didn’t know what to do. I googled and yelped lawyers on a Saturday morning and was unsure if anyone would even respond. Casey’s Stevens office was the only firm that reached out to me.
I spoke with Jennifer and she was so thorough and helped walk me through the next steps of the process. I met with Casey and he was also very helpful and had me situated within no time. During this process they were always very communicative and super nice. They weren’t just trying to get a check they were honestly fighting for me. It took about two years, the hospital didn’t want to negotiate anymore than they had to, luckily Jennifer and Casey stuck to their guns. I was always kept informed, I wasn’t at all worried and I was kept at ease. I would recommend this firm a thousand times over. Casey, Jennifer and Celeste were extremely helpful through this process and they had my best interest at heart.

Tina Nunez
                          a year ago
I just have to put up a review about this law firm. I could not ask for more of an amazing team then what I had. The moment I walked in the door they were absolutely amazing. Casey, Jennifer and Celeste made me feel instantly comforted and feel right at home like family. If you are ever in an accident I would recommend calling these guys because along the way you will come to care for them as well. Thank you Casey, Jennifer and Celeste for all that u have done for me. Even though I am done I will be keeping in touch. You all are remarkable !!!

Patrick O'Neill
                           a year ago
All who I dealt with at this law office were always extremely helpful and accommodating with any questions or issues that arose. Mr. Stevens and his associates were very prompt in their service and in my opinion went the extra mile to do all they could to help the client. I would certainly recommend this firm to others.

C. Matthew White
                           a year ago
This Attorney Stevens and his staff were great for me. My son and I were involved in an accident because someone decided their phone was more important than their attention and safety on the roads which caused some major damage and personal injury to us.

Afterwards, the driver's insurance company would not reimburse us for the medical bills nor did they give us a fair offer on the complete loss of our vehicle.

With the help of this staff, with a very special shout out to Jennifer Ziliak, who guided us every step of the way, we were able to get a fair settlement on our vehicle as well as reimbursed properly for all of our medical bills.

These guys are top notch.

No ambulance chasers here.

I cannot thank them enough.

Sushil K
                           2 years ago
I was injured in a car accident. I have never been in an accident in my life and was a bit shaken up. Casey guided us through the process and assured me he and his staff would help us with every step like treatment, specialists and …More

Amy Delgadillo
                           year ago
Me and my husband were hit on the highway by "drunk" driver. I was pregnant at the time and I was so scared I was going to lose my baby. We called Caseys office and they worked with us. They were so patient, understanding and kept us updated with everything. Him and his staff were amazing overall.

Tim Puffenbarger
                          2 years ago
Casey Stevens was by far the best attorney I could ask for. He made dealing with my accident and bills very easy. He and his team are very helpful and friendly and professional.

Brandon Carter
                          3 years ago
I was involved in an accident in August 2014 and with so many Personal Injury attorneys in the Atlanta Metro area, it can be a bit overwhelming. My wife and I decided to google several lawyers in the area and interview them. We stumbled upon the Law Office of Casey Stevens and after a few interviews with other lawyers, we immediately decided that Casey was the best attorney to handle our case. Casey and his paralegal Jennifer did a fantastic job of outlining the process and what to expect along the way, not to mention keeping my wife and I informed on all activities of my case. My case involved a total loss of my car and several months of rehab on my back, neck and shoulder. Casey and Jennifer were able to recommend rehab services and worked with my Health Insurance provider and Auto Insurance provider to ensure that I wouldn't have to come out-of-pocket for my expenses during my treatment. The thing that stands out the most to me is that Casey and his staff were genuinely interested in my health after the accident, not just "how much money can we make". My case resulted in a settlement better than I had expected and I want to thank Casey and Jennifer for all the hard effort that was put into this case. I highly recommend Casey to anybody that was involved in an accident and have already recommended him to two friends since my accident.

Forrest Cagle
                           4 years ago
Casey did a great job getting my case settled. I would highly recommend his services for auto accident cases. A big thank you to Jennifer as well for working through all of the details of the case. Thanks guys!

Carlos Jackson
                           a year ago
On Friday October 13, 2017, my wife and I received a letter requesting recovery payment for my accident on June 13, 2015. The amount of the request sent my wife into a turmoil; that Saturday, I sent an email to Casey Stevens and Jenifer Zilliak hoping they could shed light on this matter and give me some clarity of what was going on.

Ms. Zilliak called me about 9:30 a.m. October 16, 2017 to inform me that I had nothing to worry about. And if the insurance company continue to push the matter. Mr. Stevens would represent my wife and I without hesitation. I call them Ms. And Mr. to show the deep respect I have for them.

I was just grasping at straws when I contacted them. I only lived in Atlanta for 5 years. So, I don’t know the statues of limitation for this state. He has no obligations to assist me, my case has been closed for over a year. However, it shows the true character of the firm to stand by a former client as if they still have an active case.
In a time of lacking customer service and declining loyalty for providers to clients. Mr. Stevens stands higher than many firms I have ever dealt with.

Carlos Jackson Sr.

jeffery harris
                           3 years ago
Casey handled my hit and run case where I had got the tag number. I was out of work for 7 months he was able to get well over one hundred thousand dollars in my settlement. I highly recommend him!

Eliana Sinkovits
                           3 years ago
I was hit by a driver on the Interstate causing my neck to be whiplashed at about 75 mph. It was very overwhelming and frankly a very scary experience. I got representation from the Law Office of Casey W. Stevens and have been very pleased with my overall experience. The Law Office of Casey W. Stevens handled everything - including the insurance companies, legal issues, & obtaining records from my doctors. My paralegal assigned to my case was Jennifer Ziliak, she's simply wonderful!!! She answered my questions/concerns promptly by responding via email or phone and provided solid advice on what to except as my case moved forward. I have been more than pleased on my decision to seek legal counsel from Casey. I frankly don't know how I would have done without them. I would definitely recommend the firm. I especially appreciate Casey for negotiating the final settlement and patiently guiding me through the whole process.!!! Thank Casey and Jennifer for your support during this challenging time.


Eliana S.

freckles kramer
                           6 years ago
I would highly recommend Mr. Stevens to anyone searching for the right attorney.